Spring Wallpaper Strip

Kyle Knoth

Local Brew Series

Fri., Mar. 17, 2018
$10 - $25
2018 03 09 JayWalkers 350
American singer songwriter from northern Indiana with strong roots in middle Tennesee. If you looked through a telescope from outerspace, you just might see a trail worn into the earth zigzagging here and there from Kyle's travels as he honed his craft. Kyle began playing acoustic guitar at the age of 6 and over the years developed an extremely diverse purcussive rhythm and lead approach. Kyle draws his diverse influence from a variety of root artists including Mike Henderson, Jimmy Hall, Reverend Charlie Edmonds, Beth Davis, Gene Deer, and James McMurtury to name a few. This percusive and bold approach has made Kyle a sought after melody/demo artist and has cut songs for Little Tornadoes Publishing and Hall of Fame songwriter, Don Goodman.

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