Elinor Frey, Cellist | WBAA-DOH Summer Concert Series

WBAA-DOH Summer Concert Series


There's always room for cello! Join host John Clare for a live radio performance with special guest Elinor Frey. Hear insights about 500 years of classical music for the cello, from Fiore to Frey's own transcriptions and commissions. Elinor has a new cello by Karl Dennis on which she'll play new and old works. Meet Elinor Frey and find out the latest about this rising star!

This is the first of three concerts in the WBAA| DOH Summer Concert Series. Emcee for this concert is John Clare, WBAA Music Director and host of Morning Classics. Purchase tickets for all three concerts in the series. You'll save 10% and keep the same seats for each event. WBAA-DOH Summer Concert Series
  Saturday, June 2nd 2018   7:00pm
Part of a Fixed Series