Luncheon Engagement Series | Deborah Waymire

Deborah Waymire Jewelry


Jewelry artist Deborah Waymire will discuss the basics of enameling on fine silver to create beautiful cloisonné and champlevé enamel jewelry. Cloisonné is a method of creating cells from thin strips of fine silver, copper, or fine gold, applying them to the surface of metal, then wet packing glass enamel into the cells and firing at 1450 degrees. In the Champlevé technique, there is one layer of silver that will have a design pierced out of it with a jeweler’s saw. That layer is then fused onto a solid silver back plate. The openings of the pierced design are then gradually filled with enamel. Techniques for preparing the silver for enameling, bending fine silver wires for intricate patterns, applying and firing the enamels, and polishing techniques will be discussed. A small kiln will be used to see some of the final firing process.

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The Luncheon Engagement Series is co-sponsored by the Delphi Opera House and the Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art. Join us during your lunch hour for this FREE series of interesting demonstrations by one of the artists in the Gallery. You can bring your own lunch or order a lunch for $10 from a local restaurant.
  Tuesday, July 10th 2018   12:30pm