Luncheon Engagement Series | Alan McConnell

Alan McConnell Photography


Alan McConnell will demonstrate how he uses Curves Layering in Photoshop to prepare his image files for printing. Multiple layers are used in a way that would be similar to dodging & burning, contrast control, and color correction techniques used in analog printing with an enlarger, but with much more control of the final results. This technique is used on his large format images as well as images from his digital camera.
Participants will be guided through the process beginning with the “raw” file to create a “Guide file” containing multiple layers, and finally ending with the “Master file” that will used for all prints of different sizes. Photoshop Camera Raw will be used for all the digital images before exporting into Photoshop. Participants will have the opportunity to create their own layer on an image that will be created by the group.
* * * *
The Luncheon Engagement Series is co-sponsored by the Delphi Opera House and the Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art. Join us during your lunch hour for this FREE series of interesting demonstrations by one of the artists in the Gallery. You can bring your own lunch or order a lunch for $10 from the Garden Gate Tea Room.
  Tuesday, August 7th 2018   12:30pm